Am2P Course guide

Am2P is a partnership between NASoP and Eu2P to build a North America oriented online course offer in pharmacovigilance.

Certificate Courses

Am2P Certificate Courses hold the same academic value as Eu2P Certificate ones :
They are designed and delivered by Am2P instructors in the Eu2P eLearning platform.
They entitle to an academic post-graduate certificate degree, jointly delivered by the 6 Eu2P universities upon success to final examinations.
A regular Certificate course involves a total of 75h student workload that is spread over a 3 months-period. This is recognized as 3 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits which are equivalent to 1,5 American credits.


  • Joint academic degree, endorsed by pharma market organisations
  • High level of expertise
  • Instructor led instruction
  • Educational support
  • Interaction with world-class public and private experts
  • Interaction with students


  • Significant workload (study, final examinations)
  • Delivered over a 3 month period
  • Course start and end constraints

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Short Courses

Am2P Short Courses are bite-sized courses designed by Am2P instructors for professionals who want to get an up-to-date, quick and solid knowledge and to strengthen their expertise on the North American continent. This program leads to an award that is jointly acknowledged by both the NASoP and the Eu2P partners.


  • Small study workload (up to a few hours)
  • Self-paced instruction 24/7
  • Large/flexible study period (up to one year)
  • Learning contents from academic Certificate Courses
  • Certificate of learning achievement upon final examination quiz success (as many attempts as you need)


  • No assignment feedback or educational support
  • No academic degree / ECTS recognition

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