Online education

Time flexibility

Choose your study pace and time to suit your availabilities: 24/7 access, lightweight format.

Education excellence

Meet North American experts from Universities, Pharma companies and regulatory agencies and make the most of up-to-date courses which are accredited by Eu2P universities

Cost effectiveness

Reduce travel, accommodation or food expenses and save time in course access, as compared to traditional education.

Worldwide network

Learn, interact with North American experts and classmates with different professional backgrounds. Once among Am2P alumni, join a network of Am2P/Eu2P former students from all over the world!

Online modular courses

Enjoy online courses by completing learning paths including multiple activities such as:

  • readings, video records, live lectures or tutorials
  • self-evaluative and course assessment quizzes
  • forum discussions and tutoring

It's easy to get organized and check your learning progress thanks to the course syllabus, agenda, support forum, announcement alerts and learning paths reporting.


  • You should have a personal computer connected to the Internet (broadband Internet is a plus to ease video loading)
    • Processor speed adapted to your Operating System requirements + 1GB RAM + 100MB free disk space (for caching)
    • Minimal version of Operating System: Windows 7 / MacOS 10.6.8 / Ubuntu 14.04; Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6; OpenSuSE 13.1 / iOS 7.1.2 / Android OS 4.1
    • Recent (max 2 years old) Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari or IE/Edge with JavaScript enabled and Adobe Acrobat Reader to read pdf files
    • An Office suite to read word document, spreadsheets and presentation files
  • Minimal computer and Internet skills are needed to focus on course activities (specific trainings will be provided to efficiently use the platform, access and post in forums)
    • Access Internet, browse websites and search the web
    • Send & receive emails and attachments
    • Download and upload files
    • Cut/copy and paste file contents such as text parts
    • Cut/copy and paste files

Am2P courses take place in the Eu2P eLearning platform, and share its web-based eLearning quality and tech support.