Am2P Terms of Sale

Last update October 22nd 2021

Definition of terms

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this website to pay application and tuition fees ("Fees") or to require "Savings". By using this website to pay Fees and require for Savings you agree that these terms and conditions apply.

Contract terms

By paying Fees or by requiring for Savings using this website you confirm either:

  • that you are doing so in your personal capacity and that you accept that these terms and conditions will apply
  • or where you are paying Fees or requiring for Savings in the name of another individual, a partnership, company or other legal entity, that you have the right and authority to do so and to accept these terms and conditions on behalf of such individual, partnership, company or other legal entity.

Admission to the Am2P Certificate program

To be able to participate in an Am2P Certificate training, the Trainee must first apply to Am2P through the on-line Eu2P application tool MyEu2P.

Eu2P issues a call for application all along the year according to a specific calendar decided by the Executive Board and prepared in cooperation with all Am2P partners and Eu2P Academic Partners. Such Executive Board annually determines the detailed content of the call for application.

The call for application is published both on the Am2P and the Eu2P website.
The call for application indicates:

  • The training program
  • The application and tuition fees
  • The admission requirements
  • The criteria for selection
  • The modalities for application

Common selection criteria for Am2P Certificate program Trainees

The following criteria are used in the selection of Trainees:

  • Proficiency in English language
  • Computer literacy ability
  • Depending on the Module Certificate pre-requisites: compliance with a prior university degree level, a relevant professional experience or the prior and successful completion of a given Am2P Certificate
  • A personal letter of motivation to participate in the Am2P Certificate

Selection procedure for the Am2P Certificate program

The relevant Am2P Domain Board selects participants among those candidates who send in or upload a complete and correct application, as defined in the call for application.

The members of the Domain Board sit together following each application session closure, early enough to allow for timely notification of final decision before courses start. Parts of the selection process can be done via e-mail or videoconference.

After the evaluation of each candidate according to the above criteria, the relevant Domain Board ranks Am2P applicants as follows:

  • Eligible list: applicant eligible for immediate registration
  • Waiting list: applicant could be eligible, provided that some "Eligible list" applications are cancelled
  • Non-eligible list: the application data are not approved for registration

With due respect for the privacy laws, applicants will receive an official and individual communication of the selection results.

Registration to the Am2P Certificate program

Once the Trainee is warned about his/her selection status by e-mail, s/he must confirm his/her registration whatever the training s/he has applied to.

  • If you are eligible: you need to confirm your registration before a deadline notified by the Am2P Central Office and to pay for tuition fees to validate your registration
  • If you are on waiting list: you need to confirm your position on the waiting list
  • If you are non-eligible: you can contact the Am2P Central Office for explanations

Registration to the Am2P Short Course program

The Trainee can register to one or several Short Courses anytime during the academic year.

The Trainee selects the Short Course(s), s/he is interested in, by browsing the Short Courses catalogue.
Once satisfied with his/her choice:

  • S/he confirms the course selection
  • S/he logins with his/her "My Eu2P" account (create one if needed) to provide billing information
  • S/he pays the tuitions fees online or by bank transfer, cheque and get his/her invoice
  • S/he receives his/her Eu2P platform credentials to access the Am2P Short Courses

Short Course registration entitles the Trainee to study online for a period of one year.

Each Trainee is subject to:

Payment and refund of fees

The Trainee must pay all Fees when Am2P asks him/her. Fees are payable in accordance with issued invoices.
The Trainee will receive an automatic acknowledgement e-mail following completion of any payment of Fees from the MyEu2P application service.
Am2P reserves the right to change training prices at any time without giving you any notice but not, of course, during the time you apply, you are selected and you register to one specific course program.
It is the Trainee's responsibility to ensure that the application and registration forms are complete and accurate.

Unless the present Terms of Sale say otherwise, Am2P and Eu2P do not refund Fees or any part of them. The Eu2P Executive Board may however consider exceptional circumstances related to the trainee's situation to envisage a partial or total refund of the Fees, outside of the limited cases of refund described in the present Terms of Sale.
Technical difficulties and poor Internet connection will not be considered as “exceptional circumstances” that may be taken into account by the Eu2P Executive Board to envisage refund of the Fees.

Requirement of saving

Eu2P offers three types of Savings

  • Eu2P reward programme
  • Eu2P partnership saving
  • Eu2P promotional saving

It is the Trainee's responsibility to ensure that the application and registration forms are complete and accurate to require for Savings. The Trainee will be directly notified on his/her Eu2P personal account that s/he is entitled to benefit from Savings using this website.

Savings cannot be applied retrospectively. If the Trainee registers at full Fees and then find out s/he might be entitled to a saving, Eu2P will be unable to adjust the Fees.

Payment methods

If the Trainee is eligible for a training, s/he needs to confirm his/her registration before a deadline notified by the Am2P Central Office. Once his/her registration confirmed, the Trainees sees on his/ her personal account the amount of tuition fees to pay and the deadline for doing so.

Eu2P outsources online payments with PayBox Services. Online payment can be made by 3D secure Visa and Mastercard in Euros. Please contact PayBox for further information (

Fees can also be paid by bank transfer, with the form provided by the Am2P Central Office. This is the Trainee’s responsibility to send the proof of the bank transfer to the Am2P Central Office at

Payment of the Certificates Fees is due at the latest five working days before the beginning of the training.

Payment of the Short Courses Fees is due before the registration to the training.


Cancellation of registration by the Trainee

Trainees may cancel their registration to an Am2P training program, at any time prior to the relevant training start, by notifying Am2P by email or post mail.

Applicants will be entitled to a refund if they notify Am2P of such cancellation at the latest five working days before the first day of Certificates training delivery.

There is no possible cancellation of Short Courses registration once the credentials of the Am2P e-learning platform have been sent.

In case the Trainee drops out of any of training during the training session while payment of fees by instalment has been secured, all remaining tuition fees instalments will nonetheless be due. The Eu2P Executive Board may however consider exceptional circumstances related to the Trainee’s situation to envisage waiving the partial or total outstanding payments.

Cancellation of a training by Am2P

Am2P reserves the right to alter the agenda of any training due to circumstances beyond its control without being obliged to refund Trainees.

Occasionally, training can be cancelled or postponed by the trainers. In these circumstances trainees will be entitled to attend the rescheduled training (subject to availability).

Am2P will use reasonable endeavours to notify Trainees of the cancellation or postponement of training. However, Am2P does not guarantee that Trainees will be informed of such cancellation before the date of the training.

In case the training cancellation terms differ from stated above, this will be made clear prior to booking.


Am2P warrants that the training program will correspond to its description as set out on this website and, save to the extent that any defects are drawn to your attention before acceptance of your order, will be of satisfactory quality.

Am2P gives no warranty on making live training sessions available in any area with time zone different from GMT time zone.


Complaints on the selection process

The applicant wishing to complain about the Trainee's selection process shall address her/his complaint to the Executive Board, which will deal with it under the following process: The applicant who feels that a mistake has been made regarding eligibility of her/his application may ask to have it reconsidered by sending, within ten calendar days of the date marked on the e-mail of notification of the rejection of her/his application, a request for review, through the Am2P or Eu2P Central Office at the following address:

The Executive Board will reconsider the application and notify the applicant of its decision within forty-five calendar days of receipt of the applicant's complaining e-mail.

The Executive Board will advise the applicant of the legal remedies available to him/her to pursue his/her complaint before a judicial instance.

Complaints on the Certificate Organisation

The Trainee wishing to complain about any aspect of the Certificate curriculum, organisation must refer to the relevant curriculum Regulations. Such Regulations are provided to each registered Trainee and acknowledged by him/her when starting the courses.


As explained in the Am2P Privacy policy, Am2P collects personal information about the applicant during the training application process. This information is stored in a database that is located in Eu2P headquarters (Université de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France). All processing operations are controlled by the Am2P Central Office.

The applicant's personal information will be forwarded to the relevant Am2P selection board for selection purpose. All the Am2P Boards members comply with the Am2P Privacy Policy.

The Trainee's personal information may be disclosed to the other Eu2P Universities so that they can record your registration properly.

The applicant's personal information will not be disclosed to any other third parties.

Please read the Am2P Privacy policy for any information about your personal data and related security, choices and rights


If for some reasons you are experiencing problems or need help in applying or registering to a Am2P training, please contact the Am2P Central Office.